Our leaders need to be people who want to make positive change in the world. Not a group of assholes who bought their way on to the ballots to push their own agenda.

Inspirational quotes lose all of their power when you can quickly destroy the emotion they are trying to convey

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Why I carry.

There are a lot of things people don’t understand about why I carry a firearm. The first thing that everybody needs to know, is that I do not, ever, want to kill anybody. 

Taking another’s life is one of the most atrocious things that someone could do.

I carry, not because I believe that I will ever need to use my firearm, but because of the fear I have of taking someone’s life. I found, as soon as I started carrying, that I have a slightly heightened consciousness of my surroundings. I am more aware of the people who are around me, and more aware of the way that I carry myself around others. I also find myself being less angry at inconsequential things. When you have the power to take life, you absolutely must hold yourself to a higher standard than everybody else. 

I carry, because it is not always possible to prepare for, or avoid, potentially violent situations. I have been lucky in the fact that, so far, I have never felt threatened enough to draw my firearm. I do not go looking for trouble, I avoid it at all cost. 

That all being said, if I am forced into a situation where I have to choose my life over someone who is trying to do me harm, I will choose my life, without hesitation. I will also, without hesitation, choose the life of an innocent over the life of a person meaning to do harm.

I do not want to have to make that choice. But I will.

I carry to protect myself, and to protect others. And as long as I am legally able to do so, I will.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting
Sun Tzu

When a show/movie develops a villain so well that, when they die, all you can do is jump up and down and laugh, they did a damn good job writing that character.

You are the universe, experiencing itself…
Eckhart Tolle



i don’t understand the point of this at all

I guess we’re all saying and doing pointless things today, go figure, let’s go bowling

This is how you win the internet.

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